Kamoro Carvings

Here is just one of the pieces that we will be bringing for this year Show. Prices range from Rp250,ooo to Rp3,000,000. On average most pieces are below Rp1,000,000.

In the pictures, you will see the carver holding his own creation. The carvings come from about 35 villages spread out along a 250 km coastline.

In addition to Kamoro, we also collect Sempan and Asmat. These are language groups related to the Kamoro but have very different styles. The Sempan which is a transitional group marries styles from both the Kamoro and Asmat.

Our aim is not profit-making, but an attempt to preserve the culture that is challenged by the modern world. It brings pride to 18,000 people who were once told that their culture counted for nothing. Now young people from about 14 years study under masters or Maramowe and many have graduated to becoming masters of their own destiny, creating new pieces with their own identity.

The slideshow below shows just a few of the Kamoro pieces that will be on show. We will have about 100 pieces for the weekend.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Author: kamoroart

YKMW or Foundation for Kamoro Carvers was set up in 2015 by Dr Kal Muller who has been working with Kamoro woodcarvers since 1998. It is the objective of the Foundation to preserve and bring value to culture and art of the Kamoro people. As woodcarvers, they are able to not only pass down a dying tradition but gain respect and economic independence in their community. It is an artform which originally belonged only to the hereditary classes of carvers. However, now with the addition of the 'kreasi bebas' or 'new creation' category, Kamoro without the hereditary license but with talent are able to produce works of art with their own personal flair and signature. The Foundation assists by buying stock for sale at exhibitions. Carvers are given a down payment and the given the difference between the downpayment and the final selling price. Proceeds therefore are used by the carvers to support their families - schooling, medicine, daily necessities and carving tools.

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